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Today, about one billion people worldwide are malnourished. More than a billion lack access to clean water, and twenty percent of children receive no education. Yet the world will grow by at least two billion people over the next 30 years. Changes of this scale present us with immense new challenges and equally vast opportunities.




GBSH Consult is commited to creating lasting social change. As you'll see on our Social impact website, we roll up our sleeves and get results for all our stakeholders - our clients, our communities, the social and public sectors as a whole, our people and our firm. We do it because that's who we are - people who care about real change and can't be anything less than fully engaged on the issues that affect us all.




Making a difference in the world

We are changing generations

A Passion for Social Change

Global change in GBSH
Social Change in Education

From leading global

nonprofits to cutting-edge

local organizations, our

people can pursue the

causes that most inspire



Social Impact in GBSH


GBSH Teams


Serving communities


At GBSH Consult, social impact is both a companywide committment and a grassroots affair

Sector change excellence standards


It is our personal mission to help create such high levels of social value that together we set new standards of excellence

GBSH Consult teams are on the frontlines with the world's most groundbreaking organizations

Social leaders in GBSH


GBSH Consult builds social leaders through its unmatched variety of experiental learning, pro bono and grassroots opportunities

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We serve our communities with a passion that spreads from one person to a whole office or an entire firm

CSR in Africa


GBSH Consult supports clients to achieve sustainability in incorporating economic, socila, and ecological aspects, beyond just the funtional aspects of CSR

Good Karma in Business

Download the highlights of our ebook Good Karma in Business


Good Karma in Business
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