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Diverse perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture, drive better decision-making, stimulate innovation, increase organizational agility and strengthen resilience to disruption.


Inclusive organizations maximize the power of all differences and realize the full potential of all of their employees. This minimizes blind spots, and encourages truly innovative thinking. Learn how creating and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusiveness can help your organization sustain long-term success in today’s global marketplace.

GBSH Consult Group’s commitment to our people and to accelerating equality for all has never been more relevant than it is today – to drive our innovation agenda and act as responsible business leaders.

GBSH Consult Group Diversity & Inclusion

The GBSH Consult Group DEI commitment enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. And it creates an environment that unleashes innovation, allows our people to perform at their very best and underpins a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to belong and build a career. This commitment starts at the top with our executive chairman, chief executive officer and Board. And we expect leaders at all levels to help create and sustain a culture of equality where everyone can advance and thrive. We strive to ensure that all our people are compensated fairly and equitably from the moment we hire them through the milestones of their careers here. When we see a disparity for any of our people, we fix it.




Our commitment to a culture of equality combined with our belief that “all belong and leaving no one behind”, allows our diverse global teams to work as a seamless network. By respecting all of our people’s individual cultures and unique backgrounds, we transcend geographies, drive innovation and better support our clients everywhere in the world.

We combine industry expertise and advanced analytics to help organizations advance inclusion and diversity. 

GBSH Consult Group's D&I practice provides decades of experience working with organizations in the inclusion and diversity field. We work with clients to define their inclusion and diversity strategy using a results-oriented approach. Leadership alignment workshops and personalized learning experiences accelerate our clients’ journey to equality. Our cutting-edge research and innovative thinking enhance our clients’ inclusion practices.

We bring a diverse team with expertise in inclusion and diversity consulting, leadership alignment and training. Our methods are market-leading and proven through GBSH Consult Group’s own successful inclusion and diversity efforts, as well as our work with clients across an array of industries. We employ analytics and human-centered design, delivering insights that drive actions. Areas of focus include gender, race/ethnicity, LGBT+, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity, among others.

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