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GBSH Consult Group has a firm commitment to ensuring that our own business is green, and that our customers are also able to reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, our solutions and strategies have been designed to lower the amount of paper our clients print, while still maintaining a high level of efficiency. We also have functionality built into our devices that reduce electricity consumption when not in use.














We are also currently in the process of gaining international accreditation, that sets out how you can go about putting in place an effective environmental management system.This could not only provide accreditation to companies conducting business with us, but will also allow us to conduct green reporting, and contribute even more significantly towards lowering our clients’ carbon footprint. 



Our 2016 Bizz Award by the World Confederation of Businesses in Washington DC is a testament to our standards in Business leadership, quality in products and/or services, Systems Management, Innovation and Creativity, Corporate Social Responsibility and achievements 

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